About Imagine Home

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Combining years of business success in retail marketing, with natural creativity and an ‘eye for design’ –  Janet launched Imagine Home Staging & Redesign!

Transferring the experience of a career in merchandising retail products into merchandising homes as ‘products’ for sale, she is uniquely qualified to create beautiful presentations that capture home buyers attention and maximize sales.  This combination of  experience, design sense and professional training, makes her uniquely qualified to deliver solid results for your home.  Imagine Home Staging & Redesign offers a customized approach to each project that combines thoughtful communication, start to finish project management, and a keen understanding of the potential buyer for your home.

Home staging is simple economics – improving a product will increase its value, leading to greater sales.  Whether you are looking  to sell soon, thinking ahead to a future sale, or just want to refresh your current surroundings and enjoy your lifestyle, let Imagine Home Staging & Redesign help you improve your home to generate top dollar offers in the shortest time frame.

Imagine Home looks forward to bringing you the talent, energy, and passion for home design, to deliver beautiful results in your home!