Imagine….Home Staging!

Let me help you imagine your perfect home.

Do what you love and you never work a day in your life, they say. Now how do we discover what it is we truly love? Some know exactly what they want from an early age and fashion their lives around that love. Others discover their passion by means of experimentation. This is how I discovered mine.
From my daily outfit to girls’ night out I am a planner down to the very last detail. I have always been moved by theme creation. During high school I took a class called Home Economics, where we learned to sew a hem and to bake a cake. This class stirred an interest within me for interior design. However, I had not found the connection I needed, so this remained a hobby.
As an adult I have had several careers. My strength in communication (relationship building) led me to a degree in social work. This job made me feel that I was approaching my true passion. Later on an opportunity arose in retail merchandising and I decided to take it. I thrived, helping customers to create beautiful displays and presentations to sell their product. Slowly my future began to materialize. I imagined having a company that combined building relationships with creation of beauty in the home.

Imagine how it could be became my personal mantra. It centered me during rough times and helped me to persevere.

I started to visualize a house as a product and stumbled upon my perfect career: Home Staging. I LOVE home improvement, arrangement, and decoration—staging is a combination of the three. I had my product in mind, but wondered, “How can I make this home a desirable commodity?” Well, if you improve a product it creates more value and the demand for that product increases. This perfectly describes my career.

A beautiful model can take a lovely picture, an actor can perform a perfect piece, a chef can create a succulent dish; but what is it that draws us in? The answer is staging. Staging creates a compelling symmetry that is beyond simple decoration. It makes a movie set or magazine photo cohesive. In the home it offers a sense of connectedness. This reaches far beyond simple design or decoration. In home staging a theme is a created and expanded upon throughout the entire space. It allows for that “I could see myself here” feeling. Imagine love at first sight growing into a beautiful relationship that feels safe, makes sense, and is completely satisfying.
Imagine how it could be if this described your life—your home. This is no DIY project. I don’t simply create model homes or model apartments: I showcase an irresistible lifestyle.
Imagine Home Staging & Redesign……..My home is my sanctuary and I have created a beautiful home in my new city of Cleveland. Here I have found my passion helping others create beautiful homes. A good partner satisfies your needs, inspires you to succeed, and provides a constant source of comfort. My job is to create this relationship between you and your home.

Let me help you imagine your perfect home.