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Imagine Home can customize a service plan to fit every need and budget….

Our specialty is in using what you have in your home to transform it into a buyers dream(home staging), or create a refreshed home space that perfectly reflects your lifestyle and comfort (redesign).

We  listen carefully to understand your individual needs, from simple fixes to large scale transformations, and  will work within your budget to provide the most economical solution for the best result.

With consultations starting at $150, Imagine Home Staging & Redesign is an affordable way to achieve large results with minimal investment!   Our custom approach addresses homes with different needs, size, and conditions.  We welcome the chance for a complimentary phone consultation to determine what service is right for your project:

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Consultation & Report:   

  • We will discuss your goals and expectations on how to get the best return on investment for your budget
  • We will walk through your entire home with ‘buyers eyes’ and gather the all important first impressions
  •  We will discuss ideas for highlighting your homes best features, and recommendations and steps to take in each room along the way
  • I will document my recommendations in a written report, and send via email within 48 hours
  • You can then choose to complete the tasks on your own, or set up time to work together to complete the look
  • A $50 credit toward any future staging service for your home based on the report
  • Plan for 2-3 hours of time

Staging Refinement & Photos: 

  • Great idea if you choose to tackle the recommended steps on your own!
  • Walk through your home to follow up on our list of recommendations
  • Spend time refining your updates as needed to perfect the presentation
  •  Take photos to create a beautiful photo show for use in marketing your home
  • Plan for 2 -3 hours of time

Half or Full Day Staging or Interior Redesign:   

  • Perfect service for homes that need a bit of extra attention and expertise, or are less than 2000 square feet
  • From our original consultation report we will bring accessories to complete the look of each room, take great photos for your marketing efforts, and give you ideas for small purchases that will give large impact to each room of your home
  • We will stop just shy of our scheduled time to review our progress.  We will go through the home with you to fill out an Imagine Home Action Plan, so you can finish the entire look on your own.  This document will detail any other improvements, color choices suggested purchases and action list for rooms we were not able to cover in the allotted time.  4 or 8 hour time increments

New to Market Launch/Open House Prep: 

Let’s get it done! We roll up our sleeves and rework the whole house to create high impact visual appeal!  Make a splash on the market with a dazzling presentation.  This is usually done in a 2 full day blitz.

Open House Prep:

A pre-showing ‘fluff’ service where we make sure every detail is show-ready, flowers, scents and ambient music along with neat as a pin presentation to WOW your viewing audience. 2 hours before open

Move in Services:

Make the most out of your new dwelling – we will help you create the look you want for your new home.   Can be as simple as furniture placement, color and accessory selection , to designing your entire new space for a brand new start.   Love your new home from the start!

Other Imagine Home Offerings:

Outdoor Living/Gardening:  

Make the most of our lovely summers by creating an outdoor oasis right in your own backyard!  Utilize our expertise and passion for gardens and outdoor living to help you create your summer sanctuary!

Shopping  Service:  

Let professional shopping expertise AND design trade discounts help you save time and money!  I work strictly within your defined budget and have the eye to choose accessories and items that work together to create a cohesive look.

Holiday/Event Staging:

How about a fabulously staged party setting, or delightful and festive  holiday decor?   We have creative, clever and meticulous event decorating ideas, from fun and whimsical  to the classic and formal, let us do your event and holiday decorating!


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Redesign Your Home to Live…

Make your home the perfect reflection of you!

Imagine Home Redesign service will work with you to refresh and restyle one or more rooms to enhance and maximize your space, creating a sanctuary that suits your lifestyle. Working with what you already own and love, we redesign to reconnect your family to every space in your home, and create an organized and beautiful reflection of you!

Imagine your lifestyle!


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