Home Staging

HomeStagingHeaderHome staging is the preparation of a home to sell by a trained professional who specializes in understanding the buyer demographic and preparing homes to sell. Many definitions you have seen no doubt stop after the word “sell” and that is part of the big misconception and devaluation of home staging.

Some Realtors and home sellers will say that they have already “staged” their homes only to find that they will be lowering their price within the month. There is a vast difference between a home that was simply de-cluttered and cleaned and one that was professionally staged! Creating the “model home” look is not easily achieved without the help of someone who does this everyday for a living.


Occupied Home Services:  Most Sellers cannot view their home objectively, therefore cannot ‘package’ it effectively for sale.

  • Consultation & Report:  A room by room walk through with ‘buyers eyes’.  We will discuss the best and most cost effective action steps to perfectly prepare your home for sale.  This is followed up with a detailed priority report to use as your guide, along with a proposal for further staging assistance.
  • Half or Full Day of Staging:  Based on our initial consult you may choose to hire Imagine Home Staging Services to complete some or all of the key steps to quickly and thoroughly complete the staging process to insure your home well prepared for market launch.

Vacant Home Services:  90% of buyers cannot visualize the potential of a home when it is vacant!

  • Consultation & Proposal:  Assessment and action plan to show buyers how to best utilize the home and its beautiful space.
  • Project Management and Sourcing:  Imagine Home manages sourcing and logistics for staging day, and is on hand for delivery and take down of staging property.
  • Half or Full day Installation/Staging: Depending on size of home, staging is complete in a day and be showcase ready!


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